Where patients can learn how to restore their own health, and optimise and preserve it far into the future.

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From an early age, Dr Robin Kohler knew that he wanted to help people. Like his specialist physician father, Dr Kohler was always intrigued by what made people ill. He completed a Masters in Homeopathy at the University of Johannesburg but found his true calling when he discovered Functional Medicine.

Functional Medicine’s systematic, science-based approach to finding and treating root causes was a perfect fit, and Dr Kohler has spent hundreds of hours growing and deepening his functional health knowledge.

He started the Perfect Health Practice with his wife, Bronwyn Kohler, in 2010. Together, they have striven to make it a haven of both healing and learning, where patients can learn how to not only restore their health, but also optimise and preserve it far into the future.

Our Services

Functional Medical Assessment

Functional Medicine views health as a dance between seven functional body systems. When a symptom of ill health appears, it can be traced to a break down in one or more of these systems, often far upstream from the symptom itself. The art of the Functional Medicine practitioner is to identify these root causes, and provide the interventions required to restore normal function to the systems concerned. This approach, which is especially valuable in the treatment of chronic disease, aims for the restoration of full body health rather than the suppression of individual symptoms.


19th century medical practitioners noticed that certain injuries, ailments, and constitutional weaknesses were associated with specific marks that appeared in the iris. These observations were synthesised into a comprehensive study of the information that the iris could reveal about a patient’s state of health. Iridology offers clues to internal weaknesses, injuries or constitutional predispositions not easily perceived without invasive procedures. Dr Kohler uses this technique as a supplement to his normal diagnostic procedures to help him thoroughly assess the potential root causes of disease.

Live Blood Analysis

Microscopic inspection of a droplet of fresh live blood can reveal a wealth of information about a patient’s current state of health, including nutritional concerns, infection, parasitic infestation, and toxicity. Dr Kohler uses live blood analysis to supplement his diagnostic processes.

Nutrigenomics Assessment

The expression of the genes that influence our health is not set in stone. A great many of them can be upregulated, downregulated or even turned off by dietary, lifestyle and medicinal interventions. Understanding your genes can free you from health problems that might once have felt beyond your control and allow you to maximise your genetic potential.

Organic Acid Analysis

Organic Acid Analysis examines metabolic end products in urine that provide highly specific insights into a vast range of health conditions.

GI Mapping

GI Mapping analyses the gut microbiome and indicates where imbalances, overgrowths of pathogens and gastroenteric malfunctions have occured.

Headshot of Dr Robin Kohler

Dr Robin Kohler

MTech Hom, Dip. Irid, Cert. Live Blood Analysis, FMCP

Naturopath, Iridologist, and Functional Medicine Practitioner

Anyone who knows Dr Kohler will tell you that he eats, sleeps and breaths natural health. Son of a specialist physician, Robin’s interest in health began at an early age, but his real passion ignited when he discovered Functional Medicine. Solving the puzzle of health through the lens of root causes is a quest that has inspired him to devote hundreds of hours to learning and growing his skillset over nearly two decades of private practice. He was amongst the first graduates of the Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice course, hosted by the Institute of Functional medicine in 2012. He has trained in iridology, dark field microscopy, bio puncture, traditional Chinese medicine and nutrigenomics to supplement his diagnostic and therapeutic abilities.

Outside the practice, Dr Kohler is a loving father, a talented beach volleyball player, and an adventurer who loves to explore new places and cultures.

Dr Kohler’s
Mission Statement:

As a dad, I appreciate the weight that disease can put on a family. Whether you’re trying to cope with a relentlessly sick toddler, buckling under the weight of fatigue and stress, or watching your health slip away to chronic illness far too soon, I will hear you. I want to know your story, because you know yourself and your family better than anyone. Once I understand where you have come from, I can try to piece together the story of your health, discover the root of your ailments and help you chart a course that will free you from your disease burden.

Headshot of Dr Kelsi Holz

Dr Kelsi Holz

Master's Degree in Chiropractic

Sports and Family Chiropractor

Dr Kelsi Holz completed her Master's Degree in Chiropractic (Summa cum laude) at the University of Johannesburg in 2019. While at University she served as Chairperson on the Student Chiropractic Sports Council and as Student Representative for Chirosport SA.

In 2019, Dr Kelsi became the first University of Johannesburg student to win the Federation Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport (FICS) Student Scholarship Award. She also serves as Vice-Chairperson on the FICS Student Commission, bringing collaboration opportunities between chiropractic students and qualified chiropractic doctors. After graduating she joined the Golden Key International Honour Society, the world’s largest collegiate honour society comprising of the top 15% of college and university students as well as top-performing graduate students, based on academic performance.

For the past 3 years, Kelsi has gained extensive experience in busy practices in Parkmore and Benoni. She is passionate about complimenting chiropractic treatment with lifestyle education and pursuing wellness through regular exercise, recovery and healthy diet. She is an avid hockey player and amateur triathlete. Kelsi loves the outdoors and has a minor bird watching obsession.
Headshot of Bronwyn Kohler

Bronwyn Kohler

Practice Manager

Bronwyn is a certified Functional Health Coach with an honours degree in Microbiology and Environmental Science and a Diploma in Nutrition . Her particular passion is the hidden world that co-habits our human bodies: the microbiome. She uses her training and skills to offer optimum care and support to the patients of Perfect Health, and author our health-related blog articles and newsletters.
Headshot of Bridgette Dolker

Bridgette Dolker


Our newest member of the team Bridgette Doelker is the ultimate ‘people person’! She thrives on helping others and putting a smile on everyone’s dial. A bubbly polyglot with a wealth of experience in the travel industry, Bridgette brings her worldly-wise insight to helping patients from all walks of life get what they need.
Headshot of Khayelihle Ngwenya

Khayelihle Ngwenya


Khayelihle, or Lihle as we know her, takes care of the behind-the-scenes admin for the practice. Mother of two boys, Lihle is always calm under pressure and ready to solve whatever problems come her way. She can always be depended on for a friendly smile and a helping hand.

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